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CEMAR International is a single-point source for all armoring materials with its head office and factory in Dubai, UAE. Its export operations are spread all over the Middle East, India, Turkey, Far East Asia, Africa, Europe, and Canada.

We are one of the biggest stockists and dealers for worldwide class armoring materials like Ballistic Steel, Readymade Steel Kits, BR Glass, AV Suspension Sets, Wheel Combos, Turret Rings, and other accessories. Providing all types of excellent armor solutions related to your Armored vehicles.

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Our vision is to be a trusted and first-choice armoring material and services provider with cost-effective and reliable solutions.

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Our mission is to provide excellent products and services that enable our clients to meet their business goals more effectively and in a timely manner.


The little things make a big difference at CEMAR. Our work ethic is the bedrock of our success. With years of industry experience, as well as our enthusiasm, knowledge, and highly skilled team, we are committed to providing our clients with perfect solutions.


Main Production Facility - Cemar International
Main Production Facility

Our existing facility with an area of 157,000 sq ft houses five CNC fiber laser cutting machines upto 20kw power with a cutting bed of 3500mm x 13,000 mm.

Other operations carried out in this facility are as follows:

  1. CNC Press bending upto 1000 t x 6000mm length and 1500t x 12000mm length
  2. CNC Run-Flat machining according to client wheel RIM profile
  3. MRAP and APCs Wheel Combos fitting and alignment
  4. Heavy-duty Wheel Assembly Production
  5. Stocking of Armored Materials Such as Run Flats, Tires, Suspension, Rims, Hinges, Turrets & Steel.
  6. Manufacturing of Tipper body kits.
  7. In-house design and R&D Team for Glass and Seat Production.

Another new facility opposite to the existing one has got similar area where in chassis parts  shall be processed.

Other operations carried out shall be:

  1. Production of Run Flats
  2. Shot Blasting and Priming of Steel Plates.