Cemar International


CEMAR International provides an entire range of heavy-duty wheel rims (Dubai) for Armored vehicles in different models. Our finest quality rims is one of the vital armor solutions for all armoring companies in UAE as well as overseas, where we have a major market share for the supply of these rims

The use of heavy duty wheel rims (Dubai) for your Armored vehicle is imperative since the GVW of the armored vehicle is taken care of which is not possible for normal OEM rims. We at CEMAR International recommend you the right solution of heavy–duty wheel rims (Dubai) for your armored vehicles rather than OEM wheels

Apart from its characteristics of taking up huge weight, these rims are specially designed and engineered to have bead lock functions in them which cannot be found in normal OEM wheels. A bead lock function is a function of heavy – duty wheel rim wherein the beads of the tires are locked onto the plate ring of the rim depending upon its design. This feature is the most necessary one to have in a rim as this stops the beads of the tire from coming out when tires are in a deflated condition. With OEM Wheels, you can imagine the scenario when the tires are deflated

Considering the above application of rims with bead lock used in an armored vehicle when in dangerous areas of attack, even if there is deflation or loss in tire pressure, the vehicle will still run and can reach occupants to safety. Seeing above, it is always better to go ahead with heavy-duty wheel rims rather than OEM Wheels even if you are the end-user or an armored vehicle manufacturer.

We at CEMAR International have got heavy duty wheel rims for a variety of vehicle applications which include TLC 79, Hilux, and TLC 200, and for Armored Personnel Carrier type vehicles like FORD F550 and DODGE RAM 5500. We always prioritize occupant safety over anything else, which is why we provide the best solution for your armored vehicles.

All armoring companies in UAE as well as in other countries have bought and tested our rims which certify as per their testing standards. The test certificates we provide are as per TUV standards which cover radial fatigue and cornering fatigue testing criteria that are passed successfully by our rims without any cracks on them at heavy loads.


Quality Wheel Assemblies and Custom Rims for Armored Vehicles

We are focused on continually improvising our quality and maintaining consistency in terms of performance for these rims to ensure that our clients always get the best products. Our facility also has the capability to provide Wheel Assemblies with a Run Flat system for any vehicle model with mounting and balancing done. When it comes to a supplier with key armor solutions, CEMAR International fits the profile for all the products that you require in armoring

Customization of wheel rims can also be done upon client request for aesthetic purposes or for rigidity. Such type of custom rims is provided to our clients with changes incorporated in the design, look, rim profile, and on other aspects

With us, clients will always have the advantage of getting ready to stock heavy–duty wheel rims at attractive prices with reduced delivery times. In comparison with other suppliers, we stand out against them since you will get all products for armoring under one roof which will save your own time and be an efficient way of handling your orders.