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CEMAR Military Tyres

Delivering Excellence in Military Standard Tires for Armored Vehicles Worldwide

In the ever-evolving landscape of defense and security, the reliability of equipment is paramount, and no component underscores this more than the tires that bear the weight of heavy-duty Military Vehicles. At the forefront of supplying these critical components is CEMAR International, a distinguished name in the market, providing unrivaled Military Standard Tires from renowned brands like PETLAS to Armoring Companies in the UAE and beyond.

Unmatched Quality and Reliability

CEMAR has earned its reputation as a major supplier of heavy-duty Military Standard Tires designed to meet the exacting demands of Armored SUVs, Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs), and Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles (MRAPs). These tires, sourced from PETLAS and other reputable brands, undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the formidable loads associated with military applications.

Global Reach and Responsiveness

As one of the reputed Tire Suppliers in the market, CEMAR extends its services not only within the UAE but also to overseas Armoring Companies. Recognizing the challenges posed by the unavailability of Military Tires in stock and extended lead times during high demand, CEMAR International takes on the responsibility of maintaining substantial tire stocks. These stocks are customized and engineered for diverse Military Applications, offering a timely and reliable solution to its clientele.

Versatility in Tire Sizes

CEMAR caters to a wide spectrum of Military Vehicle needs, offering tire sizes ranging from 19 inches in diameter to the maximum size required. This commitment to providing a comprehensive range of sizes ensures that Armored Vehicles of various specifications find suitable and high-performance tire solutions under one roof.

PETLAS: The Epitome of Military Tire Excellence

The Military Tires offered by CEMAR proudly bear the PETLAS brand, synonymous with quality and excellence in meeting Military requirements. PETLAS tires, widely utilized in numerous countries, particularly by armed forces, boast compatibility with the bead lock function of Heavy-Duty Wheel Rims. This crucial feature ensures that the tires remain securely in place even in deflated conditions during hazardous situations, facilitating safe evacuations.

All-Terrain Capability for Mission Success

The PETLAS Military Tires stand out for their adaptability to all types of terrains encountered in danger zones. With specially designed tread compounds and a wide channel block structure, these tires provide ultimate grip and traction, minimizing the risk of slippage. The block patterns in the tread also facilitate effective mud discharge, ensuring longevity and performance in challenging environments.

Comprehensive Solutions for Armored Vehicles

CEMAR International goes beyond being a tire supplier; it is a one-stop solution provider. The
company offers homologated certificates for its tires, ensuring adherence to quality standards.
Additionally, if required, CEMAR International provides Wheel assemblies comprising Heavy
Duty Wheel Rims, Run Flat Systems, and Military Tires. This comprehensive offering not only
saves time on Wheel assembly but also provides a seamless solution for direct installation onto
the hub of Military Vehicles.

Notable Contributions to the Industry

CEMAR International’s track record includes the supply of Wheel assemblies for prominent models such as FORD F550 and DODGE RAM 5500 to armoring companies and various Military segments globally. The company’s expertise extends to providing Wheel assembly solutions for diverse Armored Vehicle models, showcasing its commitment to excellence and versatility in meeting the unique needs of its clientele. As the global defense landscape continues to evolve, CEMAR International remains steadfast in its mission to provide the backbone of strength and resilience through its exceptional tire solutions.