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Everything You Need to Know About Armor Plates

The most important material that comes in a Military Vehicle is the Armor plates which may be referred to as Ballistic Steel. The huge surge in demand for this material comes as this material protects against ammunition based on their grade and levels. In this section, we describe the use of Ballistic Steel and its significance in the Military Segment.

We at CEMAR International provide Protac steel plates and Quardian steel plates to all armoring companies in UAE as well as in overseas. These plates can be used from protection of a handgun to those of rifles used in danger zones. The current demand for rifle protection in the Military segment has increased over the years, which is why Ballistic Steel is the most preferable material to use in vehicles. In some areas, the use of Composite material prevails but it is far more expensive to use Composites and hence Ballistic Steel is still the most suitable for using in Military Vehicles as well as Civilian Armored Vehicles.

Apart from these applications, the steel can be cut, bent and made into armor kits, armor cabins by doing CNC laser cutting services and CNC press bending services. The Steel plates of Protac and Quardian brand start from 3mm thickness till which ever thickness required based on client requirements. These brands also offer wear plates which are specifically meant to protect the vehicles from blasts of land mine or for other deadly grenades, IED available.

The ballistic steel we provide at CEMAR International is being tested at recognized laboratories in the world which are widely approved in the Military Industries. Both steel brands are also tested and certified even at Government facilities of different countries. Our Company keeps huge stocks of Steel plates of such kind in different grades and thicknesses for many levels of protection. Our operations are not limited to steel supply only, we can provide advanced armor solutions like CNC laser cutting and Bending depending on client designs.

Competitive pricing along with quick service and better quality product is what we provide to all our clients in the world. We are known to be one of the best Armor Steel plate Suppliers in the world wherein all your requirements are met and delivered. We are always a call away, and would provide you with full support onto your armoring material requirements with attractive pricing and faster response. For more information about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us today