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Interesting Facts to Know About Armored Vehicle Tyres

When talking about use of military tires in Armored Personnel Carriers or for different applications, these tires play a vital role onto the vehicle performance overall. In many aspects of military usage, military tires are always preferred when having a Heavy Duty Load application such as that of Armored Personnel Carriers or for an Armored Vehicle.

A conventional OEM tire will perform functions designed for an OEM vehicle, but in Military tires, there are many changes when compared with that of the OEM tire such as load index, functionality and its tread pattern. Reliability and Consistency is what is demanded in the Military Vehicle especially when the vehicles go in at danger zones, which is why Military tires are necessary

The main concept of Military tire usage is to take up huge loads of Military Vehicles as described above. A lot of times, Military tires are not always available in stock and its lead times can be considerably higher when in demand. We at CEMAR International take up the risks of keeping huge stocks of Military tires for your exact needs which are customized and engineered for your Military Applications. Our tire sizes range up anything from 19 inches in diameter till whatever maximum size is needed onto the Military Vehicle

The Military tires are of PETLAS brand which are excellent in quality for your Military requirements. PETLAS Military tires are used in many countries that correspond with Military requirements especially in Army. These tires are compatible with the bead lock function of the Heavy Duty Wheel Rims, meaning the tire beads can fix near the inner side of the wheel depending on wheel mechanism. This feature is necessary when using Military Vehicles since the tires will not come out when in deflated condition during danger zones, helping the occupants of the vehicle to evacuate from these zones

The PETLAS tires have an advantage of using it for all types of Terrain when encountered in the danger zones. The characteristics of special tread compounds and its wide channel block structure makes it perfect for use in Military Vehicles. These tires provide ultimate grip and traction on all kinds of surfaces which is necessary to avoid slippage. The block designs on the tire tread pattern make the tires provide effective mud discharge and longevity

We at CEMAR International provide homologated certificates for these tires along with very good pricing which would not only benefit you commercially, but will also help you meet your Military Vehicle requirements

In addition to above, if needed, we have an facility to provide you with wheel assemblies made with Heavy Duty Wheel Rims, Run Flat System and Military tires which would not only save time on doing the wheel assembly, but will provide a full solution of just directly installing the wheel assemblies onto the hub of the vehicles

For more information on Heavy Duty Wheel Rims, Run Flat System, Military tires and on Wheel assembly, contact us today.