Cemar International

Advanced Armor Solutions

Advanced Armor Solutions mainly comprise of armor and ballistic grade steel plate, ballistic glass, runflats, suspensions, heavy-duty hinges, and turret rings, which are specifically designed for the military and have been approved by departments for defense and combat applications. Additionally, armor and ballistic steel plate is certified by the National Institute of Justice and meets specific levels of threat impact, including explosive shock, shrapnel, and sniper fire. This certification guarantees that the plate will not fail under specified conditions. Armor and ballistic grade steel plate is found in military vehicles. Cemar International is proud to supply advanced armor solutions across GCC that’s fully certified and guaranteed to perform.

Cemar International is an epitome in creating military grade advanced armored solutions. Law enforcement personnel around the world put their lives on the line every day. That is why Cemar International is the best armor supplier in GCC. Here, accessories for the armored vehicles are made with advanced materials and unique processing technology to provide an optimal balance of light weight and resistance to a wide range of threats.

Engineered to meet or exceed exceptional operational requirements, Defense Protection Systems from Cemar International are designed to help safeguard the brave men and women who protect all of us.

Bulletproofing Vehicles – The Invasive Process of Armoring with Ballistic Steel

Most vehicles that undergo bulletproof treatment endure an invasive process. The outfitter first removes all nonessential components to lessen the weight of what will inevitably become a very heavy apparatus. That means pulling out some trim and wiring, carpeting and seats. Then, the sides and pillars of the vehicle are sliced open and stuffed or welded with armored panels, most often made from ballistic-grade steel.

Wheels are made to run while flat by installing polymer doughnuts where the inner tubes use to be — those will run at 60 mph or so for roughly 50 miles before wearing out. Windows are replaced with “transparent armor,” a 1- or 2-inch-thick sandwich of plastic poly and leaded glass. The thicker it is, the more security it provides: Two inches gets protection against a single shot from a big-game hunting rifle. Often, the heavier glass requires more-than-routine maintenance.

Private passengers rely on armored vehicles for critical protection against ballistic threats. As well as protection, vehicles must deliver the reliability and maneuverability users need to navigate challenging danger zones.

That’s why, at Cemar, our materials and technology have been helping to radically improve protection in vehicles, saving countless lives. The high strength and impact resistance of our high-performance advanced armored solutions allow for enhanced bullet- and fragment protection, without fail. And the high performance-to-weight ratio of our materials keeps vehicles and people moving through danger zones – quickly, agilely and safely.

Bullet Resistant Glass – Protection Against High-Velocity Attacks

Cemar specializes in fully certified armor & ballistic steel plate that is guaranteed to perform. We routinely supply armor steel plate in a variety of grades and thicknesses across GCC countries.

Another feature of Cemar  is the “bulletproof glass,” the more technically correct term is “bullet resistant glass.” Whether the base material is acrylic, or glass combined with polycarbonate, the result is a transparent barrier that can protect against specific types of gun attacks. The passenger armored vehicles extensively use bullet-resistant glass to protect the host from outside attacks. The more powerful the weapon, the thicker the bullet-resistant glass one needs. For places where there can be no compromise on safety, this transparent armor-like glass is an aesthetically coherent design option.

The applicability of this high-end security glass continues to increase and is now used extensively in vehicles. These bullet glass sheets are aesthetically pleasing and provide incredible damage resistance to different ranges of projectile impact. Modernized glass is an optically advanced design element that can vividly protect the window’s surface from vicious projectile impacts. The bulletproof window glass offers optimum protection against a range of high-velocity impacts from rifle bullets to any other high-velocity flying projectile attack. The bulletproof windows also come in priceless design elements whose top-notch protection cancels out the cost.

High-Quality Ballistic Glass with Excellent Transparency

Wherever bullet-proof glass is installed, Cemar  uses a special technique, which allows it to mount the armored glass into specially constructed frames. This method provides additional support in the event of an explosion and furthermore allows the use of block glass (the opposite of step glass). Block glass offers more strength, does not break at the corners, and provides more resistance against explosion.

At Cemar, we use high-quality ballistic glass with excellent transparency. There is no delamination with our ballistic glass. It does not tire the eyes as there is no magnifying effect. Cemar’s ballistic glass provides high quality certified resistance.

Cemar is your first-class useful resource for armor & ballistic metal plate. We are a trusted advanced armor solutions supplier to the military and defense forces abroad for armored troop vehicles, armored cabins, and ballistic structures. We carry military-grade steel, and military, armor, & ballistic steel plate. We presently supply to a wide variety of OEMS and are equipped to serve you. Which is why Cemar is considered as the best armoring company in UAE. We can help you with your armor fabrication questions and offer military-grade steel solutions from our production experience. Contact us today and place your queries.