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High-Quality Armored Vehicle Suspension: Ensuring Reliable Performance with Cemar International

Cemar International has put a lot of emphasis on developing high-quality Armored Vehicle suspension. We use the same effective, fast, and economical technologies to produce Armored Vehicle suspension that we do on all our other models to ensure reliable performance.

At Cemar International Industrial FZCO. we have designed and manufactured hundreds of thousands of Armored Vehicle suspension for numerous government vehicles as well as for various individuals within the GCC.

Armored Vehicles require more augmentation suspensions as they carry a heavy load. Therefore, at Cemar, our frontline engineers have designed the Armored Vehicle suspension in such a way that they can withstand extreme loads and stresses without failure.

Armored vehicles can be extremely useful for protection services. Escorting executives, celebrities, military officers, or any other type of high-profile guest is a just a piece of cake. A fully armored vehicle can show a sign of respect towards your client that you are willing to put forth the extra effort to offer them protection. Strong armored solutions can offer the utmost in protection, especially within military situations and hot zones.

We keep a very large inventory of parts which are utilized for our ongoing production of assemblies as well as giving us the ability to supply parts to our customers with a very short delivery time. To enhance Armored Vehicle Suspension performance capability in demanding cross-country terrain, the value of a properly designed and reliable fail-safe suspension system cannot be overestimated. Therefore, design of a vehicle suspension system requires compromise between passenger ride comfort and vehicle handling.

A suspension system supports the weight of the vehicle, provide directional control during handling maneuvers, and should have the ability to decrease the vibration of the payload and the passengers caused by road disturbances. Suspension systems must support both road holding/handling and ride quality, which are at odds with each other. The tuning of suspensions involves finding the right compromise.

At CEMAR International, we keep fair number of stocks for different suspension systems. Parts and components are compatible to all Armored Vehicle models since the design resembles to the OEM suspensions. Our goal is to provide armored vehicles with innovative systems and modern technologies, allow the Military and our clients to conduct various operations anywhere at any time with outmost efficiency. We provide customized designing and development, always meeting specific customer needs.

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