Cemar International

What Solutions We Provide for Armored Personnel Carrier

Armored Personnel Carrier, commonly referred to as APC, are vehicles used in Military segments for higher protection levels greater than or equivalent to B6 levels of protection. Lot of times, the Civilian armored vehicles cannot take up more weight due to its engine capacity and other restrictions. Hence, the importance of Armored Personnel Carrier comes to picture in case of higher GVW requirement and to enhance the protection levels.

We at CEMAR International provide armor solutions that are reliable and efficient for the use in Armored Personnel Carrier and for Civilian armored vehicles. Such type of armor solutions is available in the form of steel kits, wheel assemblies, suspension systems and bullet resistant glass.


For steel kits, the steel can be cut and bent as per required designs of client for their APC. With a wide variety of steel thicknesses which we have in stock for all protection levels, it becomes easier for the client to choose and modify their vehicle based on steel weight and its hardness against a certain protection level. Our operations are not only limited to supply of ballistic steel kits, we can also provide clients with ready to install wheel assemblies.

The wheel assemblies provided to clients come with a combination of balanced rim, run flat, and Heavy Duty tire that meets FINABEL standards required in an armored vehicle. Our state-of-the-art facility has got in house machines to assemble the full wheel assembly equipped for APC. The major advantage the client has over dealing with us is that they can get readily made wheel assemblies which will reduce delivery times along with the installation and set – up times for running their vehicle. Lot of suppliers do not keep Heavy Duty rims, run flats and Heavy Duty tires in stock since they do not have the right equipment for balancing which is not the case with us.

We offer a wide range of suspension systems for APC having tonnage capacity from 11 to 20 tons. Such type of vehicles include Ford F550, DODGE RAM 5500 and many others. Over the years, CEMAR International has been known for providing suspension systems in customized forms to all its clients in the world. Unlike other companies who have limited range of suspension systems in Civilian vehicles, we keep suspensions systems stock for all kinds of vehicles that includes APC.


The bullet resistant glass that we provide in APC are certified for EN and STANAG levels that many competitors do not possess. Many of our competitors only supply glasses till B7 levels of protection, but what about higher protection levels where lethal ammunitions are to be countered against in APC?

Our flexibility in producing glasses for different shapes and sizes as per client demands is what has made us a unique armor solutions provider in the market. Rather than buying limited items from different suppliers, all clients can avail and buy all these products under one roof which will save their overall costs in terms of transport and logistics.

The advantages for all armoring companies in UAE as well as in overseas have by dealing with us is as follows –

  • Reduced lead times for all required products in APC
  • Reduced overall costs in terms of administration and logistics
  • Wide range of products available for different vehicle models unlike other suppliers
  • We possess two types of ballistic steel products, hence all steel stocks are available in double capacity than other suppliers that have limited range
  • Lot of steel suppliers do not have the facility to produce steel kits, but in our case, we can make ready to install kits that will reduce transport and processing costs in making steel kits
  • With our in-house production facility for BR glasses, we can customize and produce different glasses for clients without charging developmental costs for making glass molds, serigraphy designs
  • Unlike other companies, we always help our clients by arranging different modes of transport for our products including air and sea shipments at minimal costs