Cemar International

Why Is Cemar Considered as Reputed Armor Steel Plate Supplier?

Since its establishment in 2008, CEMAR International serves all its customers with customized armor solutions for their armored vehicles. Being one of the reliable Armor steel plate suppliers, we have established brands in the market for Quardian steel plates and Protac steel plates which come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes for different protection levels.

The most important material that comes in a Military Vehicle is the Armor plates which may be referred to as Ballistic Steel. The huge surge in demand for this material comes as this material protects against ammunition based on their grade and levels. These plates can be used from protection of a handgun to those of rifles used in danger zones. The current demand for rifle protection in the Military segment has increased over the years, which is why Ballistic Steel is the most preferable material to use in vehicles. In some areas, the use of Composite material prevails but it is far more expensive to use Composites and hence Ballistic Steel is still the most suitable for using in Military Vehicles as well as Civilian Armored Vehicles


Protac steel is manufactured in SIJ Acroni, Slovenia for various applications used in Armored vehicles, Armored Personnel Carriers, Armor Cabins and many more. More than 800000 tons of Armor protection plates and other blast steel plates have been produced for military purposes such as Armored combat vehicles (Tank M84 and M84AB, Armored infantry vehicle M80A)

CEMAR International is an exclusive agent and armor steel plate supplier for Protac steel which is military grade quenched and tempered ballistic steel plate coming in various grades like PROTAC 430, PROTAC 500, PROTAC 550 and PROTAC 600

SIDUR brand from SIJ Acroni is wear resistant steel used as blast steel plate protection for Armored vehicles which comes in different grades like SIDUR 400, SIDUR 450 and SIDUR 500

NLMK Clabecq, Belgium produces steel plates of various thickness ranging from 3 to 120 mm for military industry, construction, ship building and many others. Having a production capacity of 750000 tons per year, Quardian ballistic steel plates are in huge demand especially for armoring companies in UAE. Just like Protac steel plates, these plates are quenched and tempered for military grades with testing done for welding and bendability

The most widely used standards that define the resistance of our steels are as follows:

  • VPAM
  • STANAG 4569
  • NFA 36800
  • MIL – DTL 46100 E
  • ABNT 15000

Wear resistant steel plates used as blast protection can also be provided in 400 or 440 grades as well. The ballistic protection is similar to that of Protac steel plates hence below table describes ballistic steel ranges with different specifications


All armoring companies in UAE as well as overseas prefer us as a reliable source for material supply due to following reasons –

  • All items such as steel, suspension and many others are readily available ex stock for quick delivery
  • We can customize the required products based on client requirements
  • We fall outside Free Zone so clients do not have to pay duty on their products
  • The Run flats produced are custom made for different rim profiles unlike many other suppliers who have fixed Run flat profiles
  • All armor solutions are easily available under one roof so lead times are reduced for clients
  • We provide excellent after sales service and guidance needed in case of product installation
  • Our processing units for steel can cut and bend as per required designs of client making us the unique Armor steel plate suppliers for vehicle kits
  • Our products come with extended warranty which many suppliers do not guarantee

The products which we provide are regularly tested in military laboratories to ensure consistent quality and for further enhancing our product capabilities than usual. All armoring companies in UAE and in other markets receive test reports and certificates for the products that are supplied. Many times, the products are even tested by using them in their armored vehicles to carry out a live testing trials which is supervised by their team and accompanied by Military Personnel.

Unlike other Armor steel plate suppliers in the market, CEMAR International offers reasonable pricing for all its products which is cost effective to all clients without compromising quality. All vehicle modification upgrades can also be provided to our clients based on their requirements for their suspension systems, braking kit and other accessories.

Being one of the biggest leading Armor plate suppliers in UAE, CEMAR International has built up a great reputation of excellent service and delivery of quality products. With years of experience in the steel industry, we offer great technical expertise when it comes to applications such as Armor cabins, Armored Vehicles, Banks, CIT Van and many others.

With a wide variety of grades and steel brands, we have a large product stock for immediate delivery times to our clients