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How Armor Cabins Provide Security

Armor cabins are very vital in this industry especially in Guard rooms, Trucks and Banking industry. The Ballistic steel is cut, bent and encapsulated in the form of armor cabins to protect security guards against various threats. These cabins are designed based on client requirements along with Ballistic glass and other items such as Turret rings, door latch, locks.

To ensure that the armor cabins have ultimate protection, we at CEMAR International recommend the ideal solution of Ballistic steel which can help reduce cabin weight for mobility and quick transportation. Many a times, these armor cabins are installed at places where there are chances of theft or to guard military restricted areas. In such kind of requirement, the importance of cabin weight plays an important role while installing such armor cabins in these locations.


Being a prominent AV Suspension kits supplier, we understand client requirements in terms of weight saving and efficiency. The Ballistic steel we possess are of two different brands that have a wide variety of steel thicknesses that are not available with regular suppliers in the market. Many suppliers only provide steel in certain levels of protection but with us, all steel thicknesses are available in different hardness measurements to meet threats of STANAG levels in lower thicknesses.

Our steel is regularly tested and certified in military laboratories to ensure maximum performance and consistent quality for all our products including BR glass and Ballistic steel. With all steel stocks available with us, the delivery periods are further reduced for the client requiring these types of steel in their projects. Our certifications come with ammunition details listed during testing, along with firing velocity and penetration results which cannot be found in many steel certifications. Hence, the client can be sure of the protection level they are trying to protect against while buying our steel.

Many steel suppliers have higher thicknesses against certain protection levels that increase weight of the cabin. With us, the client can avail huge stocks at unmatchable prices which cannot be provided by anyone.


Unlike OEM suspension kit, our AV Suspension kit come with following advantages –

  • Take up higher GVW of vehicle which normal OEM suspensions cannot take
  • All vehicle models AV suspension kit readily available with us which many suppliers do not have
  • Tested against rigid road conditions and humid temperatures for oil leaks, displacement, spring rate, load rating and other factors
  • Customization of shocks and coils can be done free of charge unlike other suppliers who charge for development of new models
  • All of suspension kit and other accessories along with it can be availed from one company reducing lead times
  • Our large external body sizes of suspension kit help improve dampening
  • Due to increased piston size, the force applied along with stroke length can be achieved greater
  • Our suspensions come with high temperature oil to prevent aeration/ evaporation
  • Suspensions are regularly tested inside armored vehicles and road tests are being carried out by our supervisors to assess the performance
  • Along with suspension parts, vehicle modification upgrades can also be provided by us as a package deal


At CEMAR International, the client can modify their glass designs for armor cabins without being charged for glass design development. This benefit is passed on to all our clients because of which we hold a major market share in the armoring industry.

The glasses come with an extended warranty that many glass suppliers do not guarantee for and are capable to withstand multi hits of bullets.

Our finest quality of glasses is produced with intense care and stringent quality testing procedures to ensure the glass transparency and avoid any kinds of distortion or waviness.

Such kind of glasses are used in security armor cabins, banks, exchange centers and in Cash in Transit Vehicles