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More Common Bullet Resistant Glass Questions and Answers

The use of Bullet Resistant Glasses has become widely popular in the Military Industries since a long period of time. Since it provides the aesthetic look similar to that of an OEM glass, the demand for such glasses onto Military Vehicles has become a key for Armour Solutions in the world. As the name suggests, Bullet Resistant Glasses are glasses that can resist penetration of the bullet to a certain protection level specified.

The Bullet Resistant Glass can be used in Military Vehicles as well as other applications such as Cash In Transit Vehicles, Buildings and Guard Rooms used for Security. These glasses can resemble the same shapes and sizes of any ordinary glass or OEM glass, right from that of vehicle glasses to glasses of buildings or of other applications.

We at CEMAR International manufacture the Bullet Resistant Glass for various applications mentioned above and even also produce customized glasses for all clients. Unlike other manufacturers, we are not bound to only making glasses for military vehicles. The glasses can be made for clients in different shapes and sizes based on client requirement and their application.

In the below section, we answer all types of Frequently Asked Questions and provide you with greater insight on why we are the preferred ones as Bullet Resistant Glass Suppliers in the World.

  • What is a Bullet Resistant Glass? – Bullet Resistant Glass is a type of glass that can resist bullets up to certain level of protection
  • What is the difference between Bullet Proof Glass and Bullet Resistant Glass? – The term “Bullet Proof Glass” is often used as a marketing tool, but to be honest, all glasses made for ballistic purpose are bullet resistant glasses since they can resist certain types of bullets based on their protection level. This term is often mistaken to be meant as a shield against all types of bullets produced in the world whereas in reality, this is not the case
  • How do you recommend a certain level of Bullet Resistant Glass to your client? – We understand the application of glass from our clients and the threat level based on which we provide glasses certifying that threat level. In case where client may not be aware of the application, we even go at the application site to inspect and recommend the best possible solution for the client
  • What levels are your Bullet Resistant Glasses certified for? – Our Glasses are certified right from B4 level till STANAG level 3, but any other certifications based on client requirements can be obtained upon request. The glasses are certified with renowned laboratories of defense sector and some tests have been conducted at government facilities as well
  • What is the warranty you offer on your glasses? – Warranty offered is 3 years from manufacturing date against any defects like ingression of water and air into glasses.
  • What is your price comparison for your glass products and for other glass products? – We stand better commercially offering you the same specifications of glasses like other suppliers are offering hence we are the most preferred in the military segment
  • Do you provide any specification sheet for the glasses which you recommend? – When we quote for glasses, we offer warranty period of 3 years from manufacturing date along with glass certificates which specify what type of ammunition does the glass protect against
  • Why should a client choose you over other suppliers? – We provide quality products with consistency in our service and delivery periods. With CEMAR International, you get a faster response along with excellent support onto your inquiries
  • Do you only make Bullet Resistant Glasses or do you make as well other glasses for different applications? – We make Bullet Resistant Glasses as well as other glasses like anti – stone glasses, laminated glasses which have a wide variety of application all over the world
  • Can you provide tinted glasses, or even glasses that have dot matrix or black band design for bullet resistant glasses – Yes, we have the capability of providing the above as per client specification. The tint color can also be provided along with its percentage of tint if needed. We provide dot matrix and black band on many Bullet Resistant Glasses