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What Are Europlast Runflats Benefits

Our Run Flats made from Europlast Nycast come with high quality thermoplastic material that offer wide range of benefits not only in terms of FINABEL standards but also in storage and weight. Being an AV Suspension kits supplier, we provide excellent armor solutions for all the products that are used in armored vehicles.

The function of Europlast (Nycast) Run Flats is to make the vehicle run 100 km once tires get deflated due to pressure loss or puncture. This is mainly necessary since it saves occupants lives from danger areas by making the vehicle run on these Europlast (Nycast) Run Flats to reach a safe zone.


Our Europlast (Nycast) Run Flats are tested for 100 km as per FINABEL A-20-A standards. The Run Flats are fitted inside rim and tire in the vehicle and the tire is punctured by means of a rifle to assess the Run Flats performance.

Puncturing is achieved by means of 7.62mm round fire from range of 50m, where 2 shots are fired in tire tread and 5 shots at the side wall of tire.

After this, the wheel assemblies will be subject to following test –

  • 3km at max speed of 80 km / h
  • 22km at 50 km / h
  • 75km at 25 km / h

The Europlast (Nycast) Run Flats pass the above tests as per FINABEL criteria which is evident from its TUV certificate.

At client’s testing facility, the wheel assemblies have its tires deflated to assess the Run Flat performance. The client carries out all such kind of tests in their armored vehicles before it is being shipped.


The Europlast Nycast Run flat system supplied consists of a multi-segment ring made of casted polyamide with modified elastomers that has standardized fixing components. The rings are designed to fit on all single and multi-part rims for different types of tires and wheel loads. These Run flats are made and fitted inside Rim and Military Tyres so that vehicle can run in the case of deflated tires which also stops the rim from being damaged

We at CEMAR International provide Europlast Nycast Run flat system for all ranges of vehicle models. These Run flats are made of special type of Thermoplastic which gives reinforced strength and durability when compared with that of Rubber Run flats. The Run flats can be supplied right from 15 inches till 27 inches depending on the vehicle application of the client

The Run flats supplied are used for Civilian Vehicles as well as for Military Vehicles in all parts of the world with increasing demand of such product. Our Military end users include German Army and other counterparts of Military segments in Europe. Due to the flexibility of these Run flats to be custom made and supplied either in 2 segment or 3 segment type, the client has either option to upgrade the Run flats on the vehicle based on their Gross Vehicle Weight


Being a single point source for the most reliable armor solutions in the market, all armoring companies buy frequently our AV Suspension kits and Run flat system due to its following unique features –

  • Light weight
  • High precision in terms of balancing
  • CTIS Compatible
  • Easy to install
  • Maintains stability of shape from – 45 to 170 ° C
  • Light use of green lubricants

At CEMAR International, we have the capability of supplying Military tyres along with these run flat systems and can provide wheel assemblies with Heavy duty rim, Run flat system and Military tyres. We are having in house facility for machining run flat doughnuts received from Germany into various type of run flats suitable for different vehicle rim profiles. All our run flats are available ex stock and at good prices for Civilian Vehicles and Armored Personnel Carriers