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Importance of Upgrading Braking Kits

One concept still overlooked upon is the importance of upgrading Braking kits for Armored vehicles. The necessity of upgrading the Braking kit of the armored vehicle is to boost up the overall performance of the armored vehicle in terms of mobility. Such upgrades are made by all Armored Vehicle Manufacturers in the world as well as all Armoring Companies in UAE.

Being the most demanded product in the Armoring industry, we at CEMAR International provide you with braking kits of Terrain Tamer brand which are very prominent in the regions of Australia and other parts of the world. These braking kits are widely known for being used on many SUV, Sport type vehicles but in the span of few years, they are taking a big leap in the armoring industry by understanding the client requirements.

An upgradation of Braking kit is necessary especially in Armored Vehicles as it prevents various factors such as brake fade, brake failure and wear of brake pads inside the vehicle. The upgradation includes but is not limited to changing of brake pads, brake rotors and other components inside the Armored Vehicles for better performance and steering.

Advantages of Different Types of Rotors in Upgraded Braking Kits

The Braking kits that we have in stock are of various models of Armored Vehicles including the Land Cruiser 200 series, Hilux, TLC 79 which are the main vehicles armored in Middle East. Discussing further on the braking kits, the advantages of different types of Rotors in the braking kits shall be described.

The Braking kit upgrade comes with different type of Rotors depending for each vehicle – Cross Drilled and Slotted HP Rotors. Under repeated heavy braking, as the temperature of your brake system increases, a layer of gas and dust forms between the pad and rotor from the material transfer caused by friction. The slots in the Slotted HP Rotor allow an escape route for the layer which helps more of the brake pad’s surface area to contact the rotor, resulting in better pad bite and more consistent stops. Also, this increased surface contact results in a higher coefficient of friction, so less energy is used to slow your vehicle the same amount. The venting provided by slotted rotors is one of the main ways to combat brake fade and maintain consistent stopping power.

For Cross Drilled Rotors, there is more grip compared to the standard disc from the initial braking phase. These Drilled Discs ensure greater grip with more responsive and efficient performance of the upgraded braking kit. Due to the holes, friction coefficient between the disc and pad is even greater especially during the initial phase of braking where the driver of the Armored vehicle can notice a quicker and more decisive response when brake pedal is pressed.

These type of Rotors used in upgraded braking kit have an advantage of being used on wet roads, since the holes in them disrupt the layer of water that can cover the braking surface. In comparison with standard discs, that layer of water acts as a cushion on standard discs, separating the disc and brake pad causing an increase in time it takes to stop the vehicle in wet conditions.

These holes mentioned above also help in better heat dissipation and gas dispersion as well when compared to standard discs. This feature is advantageous since the Armored Vehicle can undergo a series of decisive braking maneuvers in a short period of time and any increase in temperature will not alter the braking performance. The combustion of the resins that make up the pads, in turn generates gases that act as a bearing between pad and disc, decreasing the efficiency of the braking system. The holes allow for quick expulsion of these gases, keeping the friction coefficient unaltered.

With the upgraded braking kit, the client will always have an advantage of having the brake pad in top shape as compared to standard brake pad since the standard disc wear can result in a build-up of a ferrous material, which is deposited on the brake pad’s friction material. The holes have a scraping effect, which cleans the surface of the brake pad, freeing it from materials that can dampen the brake’s response.

To get your braking kit upgraded at a very good price with these benefits, contact us or visit our website.