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How Wheel Assemblies in Military Vehicles Are Useful

Wheel Assembly is a combination of wheel rims ( Dubai ), Run Flat system, and Heavy Duty tires that ensure the vehicle to travel up to 100 km as per FINABEL standards. The Wheel Assembly provided by CEMAR International is in ready to install form with all mounting and balancing done before supplying to armoring companies in UAE and overseas. We provide Wheel Assembly for different types of Civilian and APC vehicles to make client’s life easier for installation rather to consume time onto fitment, balancing of tire beads and Run Flat system inside the rim.

All armoring companies in UAE use our Wheel Assembly in assembled forms to install in their vehicles and save their manufacturing and shipping times. Our notable work for wheel assemblies includes in supply of Ford F550 / DODGE RAM 5500 vehicles onto which an APC has been built.

With ready stock available for Run Flat system, wheel rims ( Dubai ) and Heavy Duty tires, CEMAR International can do the mounting and balancing of wheel assemblies in house with our CNC machinery that is not available with everyone.


The Turret Ring is used in the APC for rotating the gun mounts and to open the roof hatch of the vehicle. Now, when it comes to quality of the Turret Ring, we provide unmatchable quality of the ring to be mounted on the vehicle. Our ring comes with reinforced Aluminium design to reduce weight exerted on the vehicle.

Main advantage of using our Turret Ring in comparison with others is that there is dual locking system that we provide which is unusual in many turret designs. With one locking system, the person operating the turret ring will lose time onto rotating the ring 360 degrees until locking mechanism is achieved. This even risks the life of that person since he is vulnerable to various imminent threats in danger zones.

With our dual locking system, the operating time in achieving the locking mechanism is reduced and accessibility is quicker. Our turret has got its exterior design looking similar like a gear for further weight reduction.

Lot of Turret ring suppliers provide sub standard quality material for compromising in terms of price, but the guarantee of that product working efficiently in the long run is never provided. Hence we recommend to all our clients to adopt our design having lightweight and durable material characteristics to ensure maximum life of that product.


At CEMAR International, we keep huge stocks of Civilian and APC vehicles with us to serve higher demands of clients requiring these materials. Lot of stockiest are simply just traders of wheel rims (Dubai), but in our case, we provide a complete wheel assembly solution for all our clients that reduce costs in terms of transportation.

Our rims are tested for TUV standards as per load rating, cornering and radial fatigue. Unlike OEM rims, these rims are designed to take up higher GVW of vehicles.

Apart from its characteristics of taking up huge weight, these rims are specially designed and engineered to have bead lock functions in it which cannot be found in normal OEM wheels. A bead lock function is the function of heavy – duty wheel rim wherein the beads of the tires are locked onto the plate ring of the rim depending upon its design. This feature is the most necessary one to have in a rim as this stops the beads of the tire from coming out when tires are in deflated condition. With OEM Wheels, you can imagine the scenario when the tires are deflated

Considering the above application of rims with bead lock used in an armored vehicle when in dangerous areas of attack, even if there is deflation or loss in tire pressure, the vehicle will still run and can reach occupants to safety. Seeing above, it is always better to go ahead with heavy duty wheel rims rather than for OEM Wheels even if you are the end user or an armored vehicle manufacturer.

In conclusion, military vehicle manufacturers must pay close attention to the quality and design of their wheel assembly systems to ensure the safety of soldiers and other occupants. CEMAR International’s high-quality Wheel Assembly, Turret Rings, and wheel rims (Dubai) provide the necessary features and functions to meet the demanding needs of military vehicles. Their ready-to-install solutions, large stock availability, and advanced CNC machinery make them a reliable partner for armoring companies in UAE and overseas.