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The Working of Run flats Inside Wheel Assemblies

In everyday life, we see normal vehicles having wheel assemblies consisting of Rim and Tire assembled on the vehicles to run on road and on off road conditions. In case of loss in tire pressure or when tire gets punctured, the solution for making the vehicle run again on roads is to change the tire. In this case, recovery vehicle will carry this type of vehicle at a desired location where tires will be changed

The above case of using recovery vehicle is not at all possible when Military Vehicles are in danger zones as they need to escape from these areas bringing vehicle occupants life to safety. For such types of cases, the use of Run Flat System plays a vital role for vehicle safety

A Run Flat System is a system wherein Run Flats, made preferably of Thermoplastic, are fitted inside Rim and Military Tyres so that vehicle can run for 100 kilometers in the cases of deflated tires which also stops the rim from being damaged. Such type of application is being considered as one of the most valuable Armour Solutions when it comes to using a Military Vehicle

The Europlast Run Flat supplied consists of a multi-segment ring made of casted polyamide with modified elastomers that has standardized fixing components. The rings are designed to fit on all single and multi-part rims for different types of tires and wheel loads.

Europlast Run Flats: The Reinforced and Customizable Solution for Civilian and Military Vehicles

We at CEMAR International provide Europlast Run Flats that are customized and made in Germany for all ranges of vehicle models. These Run Flats are made of special type of Thermoplastic which gives reinforced strength and durability when compared with that of Rubber Run Flats. The Run Flats can be supplied right from 15 inches till 27 inches depending on the vehicle application of the client

The Run Flats supplied are used for Civilian Vehicles as well as for Military Vehicles in all parts of the world with increasing demand of such product. Our Military end users include German Army and other counterparts of Military segments in Europe. Due to the flexibility of Europlast Run Flats to be custom made and supplied either in 2 segment or 3 segment, the client has either option to upgrade the Run Flats on the vehicle based on their Gross Vehicle Weight

All Run Flats are tested in Military and in various Research and Development Laboratories of the world based on client requirements. The lightweight application of the Run Flat makes it easier for the client to install in their vehicles. Because of this property, the handling and logistics of the Run Flats becomes more suitable and better during bulk deliveries to the client

The testing of the Run Flat includes FINABEL A – 20 – A testing criteria wherein the vehicle fitted with these Run Flats run at different speeds with various distances being covered totaling to 100 kilometers along with shooting test done on the Run Flats. Stringent testing methods are carried out for these Run Flats which are certified for FINABEL A – 20 – A and there are always new developments being introduced with these Run Flats which benefit not only in terms of cost but also on the working mechanisms and strength

The Run Flat after fitment and wheel balancing achieves high precision in terms of positioning inside rim and tire making it a user-friendly balanced system. The Run Flat can also be stored at certain place and temperature for a long period of time as the shelf life for this material is zero. Whenever the Run Flats are supplied to end user, it is always not necessary that the Run Flats supplied will be fit by them on their vehicle at that moment. They may even stock these Run Flats for their future use without any hesitation since there is zero ageing onto the product.

One of the greatest advantages of Europlast Run Flat over any other product in the market is that the Run Flats are specially engineered to maintain stability in their shape between temperatures of – 45 °C till 170 °C. Hence with these Run Flats, you will not face any problems of deformity during temperature differences experienced by Military Vehicles in danger zones

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