Cemar International

What Armor Solutions Are Offered by Cemar International

Range of Armor Solutions 

The armor solutions offered by CEMAR International are wider in range as compared to other suppliers. Our broad variety of armor solutions that we can offer in armored vehicles has made us one of the biggest market leaders in the armoring industry. The armor solutions provided by us include AV Suspension kits, Run Flat System, Ballistic steel, armor steel kits, BR Glass and Heavy-duty Hinges inside armored vehicles.

The armored vehicles for which we supply all above items mentioned come with high quality and maximum performance. To ensure that these armored vehicles perform with such type of capabilities, the armor solutions that we provide are always tested and certified with accredited laboratories around the world.

Our products are always developed with different kinds of technologies for achieving the best performance in armored vehicles. Each product which is developed for military standards is always regularly checked for quality and consistency with live testing carried out by military personnel.

AV Suspension kits and its advantages 

Armored Vehicle Suspension kits (Abbreviated as AV suspension kits) are of most common use in the armoring industry especially since Armored Vehicles have an increased GVW in it after being armored. Once the vehicle is armored, the normal OEM suspension system will not take up the required GVW of the Armored Vehicle making it unsuitable

We at CEMAR International have the right kind of AV suspension kits for your different models of Armored Vehicles ranging from Civilian Vehicles of Land Cruiser types to that of Armored Personnel Carriers. Our Powerdown suspensions come with premium quality and are tested for different road conditions making it the most suitable upgrade that any Armored Vehicle needs

CEMAR International being a regional distributor for Powerdown suspensions, manufactured in Australia, recommends the most ideal solution needed onto your Armored Vehicle. Since the past decade, we have been known to be the most reputed suppliers for Europlast Nycast run flat system and other miscellaneous products like Turret rings and Braking kits. The Armored Vehicle suspension upgrade most commonly includes coils, shocks, struts, bushes, leaf packs, sway bars and steering dampers. Upon client demand, other upgradation of parts needed can also be provided for the vehicle

Our Powerdown suspensions come with unique features in it that make it the best product available in the market for greater performance and stability –


Above features are advantageous for using in Armored Vehicle since your suspensions performance completely depend upon them in tough terrains and surroundings. These suspensions are offered and frequently used by all our export clients and many armoring companies in UAE

Regular testing along with research and development is always carried out to provide boosted performance and improvement onto the suspensions. Such testing includes road test for comfort and durability, in house testing using dynamometer and coil spring testers for determining the overall stability in the ride of the vehicle

At CEMAR, we keep huge stocks in our warehouse for different suspension systems which are always available ex stock. These suspension parts and components are compatible to all Armored Vehicle models since the design resembles to the OEM suspensions. In comparison to the OEM suspensions, our suspensions are designed to take up higher GVW and have stability in terms of vehicle ride

With us, you will always have an advantage of getting faster support and better delivery times for your suspensions since we always have all Armored Vehicle suspension models in stock. All these suspensions come with guaranteed warranty and are offered at good pricing

We also provide customized solution for your suspensions wherein all parts of suspensions are designed from its initial stages of testing and development onto getting the best performance suspension system for your Armored Vehicle. Such kind of customization can be done upon demand and recommendation will be provided from our side for using the correct parts to save costs on the upgradation

We are a single point source for all your armoring needs, hence all products needed for armoring are available with us. Many clients try buying all products from us at same time rather than sourcing out from other suppliers since it saves time for them in getting their required products