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Wide Range of BR Glass

With CEMAR International, our range of BR glass comes with a wider variety in terms of design and protection level. Being one of the finest Glass suppliers in dubai, we develop a lot of vehicle models for armoring used in the market along with flat-type glasses. Such examples of applications include the CIT Vans, banks, guard rooms, and many more. All armoring companies in UAE as well as overseas use our bullet-resistant glass due to our reduced lead times and the quality product that we deliver

How Bullet-Resistant Glass Is Beneficial

Our bullet-resistant glass (abbreviated as BR glass) is supplied all over the world with the finest quality of glass produced within our state – of – the – art facility. Our bullet resistant glasses can be supplied right from protection against handgun to the most lethal rifles used in combat areas for Armored vehicles. Being one of the most reputed glass suppliers in dubai, we understand the threats of the ammunition that an Armored vehicle can face in danger zones hence a cost-effective solution with minimalistic thickness for bullet-resistant glass is provided to all our clients which save costs and weight exerted onto the vehicle

All glasses are certified and tested in various reputed laboratories all over the world for different testing standards. Such testing standards include NIJ, EN 1522 levels, CEN, UL, STANAG 4569 and these tests are conducted frequently to know and maintain the ballistic properties of the BR glasses. At times, even the client witnesses the test at such testing centres and they test the vehicle with our bullet resistant glass by carrying out shooting test in order for quality assurance. Being the Finest Glass Suppliers in Dubai, we take pride in our work.

Right from the start till the end of the manufacturing process, we follow stringent quality testing procedures that check for glass quality in terms of transparency, distortion, glass dimensions with measurements against given tolerances, and for glass curvature wherever bending is applicable for bullet resistant glass

Our BR glass comes with warranty of 3 years from manufacturing date against any defects that occur either due to ingression of water or due to air entering inside glasses which causes bubbles to appear on the inside of the glass

Out of many glass suppliers in dubai, many of them are not reliable in terms of glass quality, service and deliveries. Hence it is vital to understand the importance of dealing with companies like ourselves when it comes to faster deliveries and giving certified product in terms of standard quality and protection level

Protection Levels in Bullet Resistant Glass

For all our bullet resistant glass, we certify the glasses against certain types of ammunition based on testing criteria carried out. The protection levels that we offer to all our clients are –

FB3 .357 Magnum 5.00 ± 0.5 430 ± 10 18
FB4 .44 Magnum 5.00 ± 0.5 440 ± 10 23
FB5 5.56x45mm NATO(SS109) 10.00 ± 0.5 950 ± 10 32
FB6 7.62x51mm NATO 10.00 ± 0.5 830 ± 10 40
FB7 7.62x51mm NATO AP 10.00 ± 0.5 820 ± 10 67
STANAG 1 7.62x51mm NATO(M80) 30 833 45
  5.56x45mm NATO(SS109) 30 910 45
  5.56x45mm NATO(M193) 30 930 45
STANAG 2 7.62×39 API BZ 30 695 60
STANAG 3 7.62×54 R (B32 API) 30 930 110
  7.62×51 AP (WC Core) 30 930 110

Advantages of Using Our Bullet-Resistant Glass 

Following are the advantages of dealing with us and using our glass as follows –

  • Cost effective solution provided – All our glasses are offered with better pricing compared to market without implementing development charges
  • Reduced lead times – Since we have all designs available with us, we can readily make all types of BR Glasses for different types of models which is not readily available with everyone
  • Lower thicknesses – All glass thicknesses offered are of lower thicknesses than standard ones, hence this will enable the client to save weight exerted onto the vehicle
  • After Sales support – After delivering glass, we support clients with installation of glasses at their facility by illustrating with videos and demonstrations. Unlike other glass suppliers in dubai, we try to help the client by all means which facilitates their work. The finest glass suppliers in dubai.