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How Are Armored Commercial Vehicles Beneficial

Overlook on Armored Commercial Vehicles

Armored commercial vehicles generally refer to as armored vehicles that are designed and built for use in commercial applications. The commercial applications can be of types like civilian use, banking, and cash in transit vehicles. Such types of armored vehicles are referred to as armored commercial vehicles are built exactly to look like OEM vehicles on the outside but armored on the inside. Many armored commercial vehicles are manufactured by armoring companies in UAE in the form of the Land Cruiser series, Limousines, and many more SUVs.

Armored commercial vehicles come in different types of protection levels starting from B4 levels up to B7 levels depending on vehicle specifications and its engine capacity. We at CEMAR International provide various types of armor solutions for these armored vehicles. Right from the supply of small components such as Heavy-Duty Hinges to wide ranges of BR Glass and Ballistic Steel, all armoring companies in UAE use our products due to our diligence and excellent market reputation in terms of quality and service.

Benefits of Armored Vehicles

When it comes to armored vehicles, it is important to know and understand why these vehicles are beneficial. Below are the advantages of why anyone must look for an armored vehicle in case of going into dangerous areas –

  • Saves the occupants against imminent threats – When traveling in danger or unsafe areas, it is uncertain whether any threats will occur or not. Hence, when going into such areas, the use of armored vehicles plays a vital role. The armored vehicle need not be a Military type of Armored Personnel Carrier, it can also be an armored commercial vehicle that can protect against certain threat levels. Using an armored commercial vehicle will save the cost of buying as compared to an Armored Personnel Carrier and can look like an OEM vehicle without any suspicion being raised by other people in the vicinity. The vehicle supplied will be tested for all our products being used inside it to certify the protection level.
  • Resistant to small grenades – Not only are armored vehicles used to protect against bullets, but they are also tested against certain types of grenades to ensure that occupants do not suffer injury from the vehicle floor. All armored vehicles come with floor protection inside them to counter such threats. The testing against grenades is done by doing simulations on the prototype vehicles before supplying them to clients. The test reports are always accrued before manufacturing the vehicle to certify for the floor protection provided.
  • Runs for 100 km once shot on tires – All armored vehicles have wheel assemblies fitted with Europlast Nycast Run Flats which assure 100 km drive for the vehicle upon tires getting deflated. The testing certificates are provided by all armoring companies for our run flats being used that are certified as per FINABEL standards. This is very necessary since the main danger of the armored vehicle increases when bought to inertia. Therefore, the run-flats used ensure the occupants escape danger zones and reach safety during such unpredictable times.
  • Vehicles are equipped with AV Suspension kits – The armored vehicles are installed and tested with heavy-duty AV Suspension kits to take up higher GVW of the vehicle which normal OEM suspensions cannot withstand. The suspension kits come either in mono or twin-tube design to ensure stability in the ride without any discomfort. Powerdown suspensions supplied by us all over the world are widely recommended and used in armored vehicles since they are tough, efficient for all terrains, and come with added advantages, unlike other types of suspensions available in the market. Our suspensions are designed such that they can withstand high temperatures and wider surface area shocks are used so that dampening is increased. The suspensions have a safety margin of taking some more excess weight even after armoring, hence it is valuable to go for an armored vehicle that has such kind of capabilities.
  • Equipped with upgraded braking kits – The upgraded braking kits used in armored vehicles are far better than OEM braking kits because their cross-drilled and slotted design in disc rotors make them ward off dust and water that prevents braking functions and maneuver. With armored vehicles, such types of equipped products help in providing better performance as recommended.